New Vehicles


On Road. Off Road. Any Road.

Alto Vehicle Imports sells big American Pick Ups – Ford Raptor, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra and the GMC Denali - Fully converted and compliant to Australian standards.  


The ideal vehicles for work and play.

If you are launching the boat, pulling the horse float or taking the caravan on the retirement trip of a lifetime, these vehicles have the torque for the heavy loads and horsepower for the open roads.


These vehicles boast the comfort of a luxury sedan and the towing capacity to take you where you need to go with anything in tow. They have unprecedented energy efficiency ratings to add to their exceptional work ethic and agility and drivability unlike anything you’ve experienced in a pick-up.



From the work-site to the camp-site: bold and brash with looks to match these pick-ups are up for any challenge. With engines producing up to 306Kw of power to the Cummins 6.7L these pick-ups ensure you’re ready to face off against the elements.


Alto Vehicle Imports sell all models from the base work horse to the fully optioned town car.


We can supply the pick-up to your specifications.